Pachito Rex – I'm Leaving but It's Not Over Yet


Time Out says

Intriguing and ambitious, if rather messy, political parable in three parts. Hugely popular singer Pachito Rex is going for the presidency, but is shot at a rally - and the rest of the film charts the consequences of that act for the alleged murderer, the investigating cop, and the architect of his mausoleum. It's a film about demagogy, democracy, corruption, compromise and despair, yet doesn't find anything very coherent to say about any of them. That aside, low budget digital technology is effectively used in an imaginative evocation of the the future.

By: GA


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

Fabián Hofman
Flavio Gonzalez Mello
Jorge Zaráte
Ana Ofelia Murguia
Ernesto Gómez Cruz
Fernando Torre Lapham
Damian Alcazar
Arturo Rios
Lisa Owen
Pedro Altamirano
Carlos Cobos
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