Time Out says

Plot is nothing and atmosphere is all in this Belgian oddity based on a famous novel by Felix Timmermans. A turn-of-the-century degenerate townie transforms himself into a childlike rural hero who blows soap-bubbles, puts mirrors round the outside of his house, champions nature against the bespoilers ('Oh tree, my brother' he declaims), marries a charming girl, and sets out round the world in a cart to avoid the century's horrid future. All of which is captured in radiant photography, accompanied by the inevitable bursts of Vivaldi's Four Seasons (eat your heart out, Elvira Madigan). It's far too simpering and flaccid for lasting pleasure, but there is something relaxing about the film's relaxed pace and indulgent moods. Provided you're in an indulgent mood yourself, of course.

By: GB


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Roland Verhavert
Hugo Claus
Eddy Brugman
Jacqueline Rommerts
Sylvia De Leur
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