Pandora's Promise

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2 out of 5 stars
Pandora's Promise

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars

For plenty of us, climate change, like starting a pension, feels like one of those far-off, tomorrow problems – to be fixed later when we’ve got the big stuff sorted. At least until those maps started doing the rounds, showing how we’ll all be swimming with the fishes if the icecaps melt at the poles. If you want to get a grip on climate change, don’t start with this pro-nuclear energy doc. Its argument is that we should all learn to stop worrying and love atomic energy – that nuclear is the lesser of two evils,  cleaner and safer than burning fossil fuels.

Some leading environmentalists have been making this case for a while, and director Robert Stone sets out to blow away the anti-nuclear case. But like so many campaigning doc-makers he’s much more interested in throwing darts at the other guys – the anti-nuclear brigade (who have better slogans: ‘Hell, no, we won't glow’) – than giving us a balanced film.



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Friday November 15 2013
87 mins

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Robert Stone
Robert Stone
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