Panic in Year Zero


Time Out says

Panic in Year Zero, about the aftermath of the devastation of Los Angeles by nuclear attack, stands as an extraordinary reminder of just how close avant-garde and popular movies can get in times of social upheaval. The first half-hour, consisting of an endless series of half-wrecked cars streaming across the screen, close-ups of a meaningless radio dial, and the characters' frantic attempts to think the 'unthinkable', could almost be an experimental short rather than an AIP exploitation movie. Frankie Avalon is about the only difference. There are perhaps some naivetés as Milland (actor) realises that the law of the jungle now holds sway in trying to protect his family, but a remarkable effort from Milland (director) all the same.

By: DP


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Ray Milland
Jay Simms, John Morton
Jean Hagen
Frankie Avalon
Mary Mitchell
Joan Freeman
Richard Garland
Richard Bakalyan
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