Paper Moon

Film, Comedy
Paper Moon

Time Out says

A charming mixture of Hawksian comedy and Fordian lyricism imbues Bogdanovich's not-too-sentimental meeting-cute between a conman (Ryan O'Neal) busy bamboozling widows into buying bibles during the Depression, and the 9-year-old wily brat who may or may not be his daughter (Tatum O'Neal). Modern cynicism and efficient acting hold the potential mushiness at bay, and the pair's picaresque odyssey through the Kansas dustbowl, during which they vie for control over their increasingly bizarre partnership, is admirably served by Laszlo Kovacs' marvellous monochrome camerawork. After Targets and The Last Picture Show, Bogdanovich's best movie.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Bogdanovich
Alvin Sargent
Ryan O'Neal
Randy Quaid
Madeline Kahn
John Hillerman
PJ Johnson
Tatum O'Neal
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