Paris France


Time Out says

Blocked wife and bored writer Lucy Quick (Hope) is an acolyte of Anaïs Nin's brand of author-erotica, so when she finds Sloan, the latest discovery of Michael, her publisher husband, rifling through her drawers, she of course invites him in for a closer look. Sloan (Outerbridge) is a hot young bisexual with a book on serial killer Ed Gein under his belt. His arrogant, ambiguous pose also excites Michael's business partner William (Lett). This movie resembles a nightmare collaboration between Philip Kaufman's shrink and the National Film Board of Canada: lots of liberal, literary huffing and puffing interspersed with recherché avant garde-ism. The stew is overcooked and then some.

By: TCh


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Gérard Ciccoritti
Tom Walmsley
Leslie Hope
Peter Outerbridge
Victor Ertmanis
Dan Lett
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