Time Out says

An Australian toy manufacturer (Brown) has a charming English wife (Lunghi), a high-class German whore as mistress (Elsner), and a suitably comfortable life-style which crumbles after he is kidnapped and then mysteriously released on a business trip to Germany. Parker's experiences begin to obsess not only him, but also the German investigator (Raab) and the wife, who suspects the worst, and whose loyalty finally cracks as her husband bizarrely returns to images of the crime while recuperating back in London. Though arrestingly shot on location and with a tense, restless performance from Brown, both direction and script are just too fussy for their own good, more interested in lots of confusing and enervating cutting about than in establishing the initial premise of the story: a man suddenly at odds with both himself and all he surveys.

By: SGr


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Jim Goddard
Trevor Preston
Bryan Brown
Cherie Lunghi
Kurt Raab
Bob Peck
Beate Finkh
Gwyneth Strong
Hannelore Elsner
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