Pas très Catholique


Time Out says

In a great lollipop of a star role, Anémone plays Maxime, a scruffy, chain-smoking, bisexual private eye and dedicated loner, who is beginning to feel the chill of early middle age. She is uncertain about her new lover and apprehensive about the teenage son she abandoned as a baby and who is now trying to make friends with her. But having invented an intriguing character, Marshall is unable to find much of interest for her to do, and disappointingly Maxime's big investigation turns out to intersect her own private life in an excessively coincidental, convenient way. The talk is non-stop, the action is non-start and there is no compelling reason why this should be a movie, rather than a novel or a radio play. Even so, Maxime is worth meeting.

By: BBa


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Tonie Marshall
Tonie Marshall
Roland Bertin
Grégorie Colin
Bernard Verley
Christine Boisson
Micheline Prèsle
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