Passenger 57


Time Out says

This routine hijack drama lacks the budget and class to match the Die Hard films it seeks to emulate. It's lifted, however, by a top-flight performance by Wesley Snipes, whose fast-talking airline security expert enlivens the plot with his screen presence, physical grace and devastating martial arts skills. 'Always bet on black,' Snipes advises feisty flight attendant Datcher, after Payne, freed from his FBI captors by fellow terrorists, takes over a domestic flight to Los Angeles. The plot soon nose dives; but what it lacks in logic, it makes up for in relentless action. An efficient, entertaining time-waster, but Snipes deserved better for his first solo starring role.

By: NF


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Kevin Hooks
David Loughery, Dan Gordon
Wesley Snipes
Bruce Payne
Tom Sizemore
Alex Datcher
Bruce Greenwood
Robert Hooks
Elizabeth Hurley
Michael Horse
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