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Guitry was meticulous about his credits, and when this movie announces itself as 'réalisé par Sacha Guitry, sous la direction de Fernand Rivers' - Rivers was the producer - we may assume that Guitry expects us to infer he was not entirely a free agent here. And indeed, it is all rather uncharacteristic. The film is a series of highlights from a brilliant life: experiments, obstruction by pig-headed establishment, rabid child cured, ideas embraced, venerated old age. Guitry could never be dull, but this is undemanding stuff by his standards. However, it's notable for the opening, in which the author summarises Pasteur's career, shows us some photos, analyses his handwriting and reads the admirable letter by the scientist that moved him to make the film. A common sense biopic opening, but can anyone think of another film-maker who's had the self-confidence to attempt anything similar?

By: BBa


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Sacha Guitry
Sacha Guitry
Sacha Guitry
Jean Périer
José Squinquel
Henry Bonvallet
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