Pastor Hall


Time Out says

Although its production was halted for reasons of political expediency by the censors during the Chamberlain era, after war erupted this treatment of Pastor Martin Niemöller's principled stand against the Nazis in 1934 reached the screen with its portrayal of camp atrocities intact. Roy Boulting turns rural Germany into a mirror for little England, which ups the propaganda factor. Adapted by Leslie Arliss, Haworth Bromley and Anne Reiner from the play by the German revolutionary poet and dramatist Ernst Toller. A bit creaky, but fascinating.

By: TJ


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Roy Boulting
Leslie Arliss, Anna Reiner, Haworth Bromley
Nova Pilbeam
Seymour Hicks
Wilfrid Lawson
Marius Goring
Percy Walsh
Brian Worth
Bernard Miles
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