Pastoral Hide-and-Seek


Time Out says

Terayama's second feature recapitulates some of the main themes of Throw Away Your Books in more directly personal terms: it's a film about a film-maker's re-examination (and attempted revision) of his own childhood. His boyhood self is an unprepossessing lad who lives with his monstrous, widowed mother, fantasises about the desirable girl-next-door, and finds the visiting circus a touchstone for his dreams of escape. With passion, wit and a genuinely engaging charm, Terayama poses the burning question: Does murdering your mother constitute a true liberation? The autobiographical stance and the circus motif have evoked countless comparisons with Fellini, but they're very wide of the mark: the film isn't burdened with bombast or rhetoric, but it is rich in (authentically Japanese) poetry, and its modernist approach is challenging in the best and most accessible sense.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Shuji Terayama
Shuji Terayama
Kantaro Suga
Hiroyuki Takana
Chigusa Takayama
Keiko Niitaka
Kaoru Yachigusa
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