Path of the Brave


Time Out says

The handsome young Jopa is inspired by the legends of heroes past to challenge what he sees as the declining virility of his people (a hill-tribe in Northern Thailand). He claws his way to victory in the tribe's ritual tests of strength and then demands to choose his own bride rather than accepting the reigning 'Earth Mother'. Before long, having trampled on rivals and critics, he is making warlike noises at a neighbouring tribe. Euthana's folk epic is an Orwellian political fable with up-to-date resonance in Thailand. It's a touch didactic, but interestingly stylised performances and a great score make it impressive overall.

By: TR


Release details

133 mins

Cast and crew

Euthana Mukdasanit
Narin Tongkum
Thisawan Suwanpho
N-hatai Pichitra
Puthichai Amatayakul
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