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‘The Lord Of The Rings’ actor Karl Urban returns to fantasy territory with this period action-adventure, but any similarities with the ‘Rings’ franchise end there. He plays Ghost, a monosyllabic Viking reared by kindly Native Americans after his family have marauded and left. When his horned-helmeted tribesmen (yes, it’s that inaccurate, Vikings did not wear this headgear) return for some more pillaging, Ghost fights to save the Indians he has grown to know and love. And that’s about it. OK, so there’s a pretty Indian girl in jeopardy, and a shaman called Pathfinder muttering prophecies. But this is slight stuff, with little to engage the viewer emotionally. Ghost’s supposed dilemma – who to fight for – is a no-brainer: the ‘Dragon People’ are roaring demons hellbent on destruction; his Indian protectors are gentle and loving. The dialogue is hilariously basic (‘I want to kill them all’ is Ghost’s mission statement) and the action generally uninvolving. Urban looks the part, and there’s a modicum of suspense in the literal cliffhanger at the end. But by this stage most audiences will be already rolling their eyes in disbelief.

By: Anna Smith



Release details

Release date:
Friday April 20 2007
99 mins

Cast and crew

Marcus Nispel
Laeta Kalogridis
Karl Urban
Russell Means
Moon Bloodgood
Jay Tavare
Clancy Brown
Ralf Moeller
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