Patriot Games

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

So duff that you wonder why they didn't ask Roger Moore to star. Jack Ryan (Ford) has retired from his CIA job as an analyst, but finds himself dragged back into that world after foiling an IRA assassination attempt on a Brit royal. He kills a terrorist, whose brother Sean (Bean) vows vengeance on Ryan and his family. In fact, Sean becomes an uncontrollable menace to terrorist organiser Kevin (Bergin), though this is sabotaged by plaintive Irish jigs whenever he dons the ski-mask. Attempts on the lives of Ryan's wife (Archer) and daughter (Birch) force him to sign up again with avuncular Admiral Greer (Jones). Between the implausibilities - Lord Holmes (Fox) decorates Ryan on behalf of Britain in Ryan's front room - the loose ends, and the climactic speedboat duel, one might be forgiven for seeing it as a Saturday Morning Picture Club serial.

By: BC


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Phillip Noyce
Peter Iliff, Donald Stewart, Steven Zaillian
Harrison Ford
Anne Archer
Patrick Bergin
Sean Bean
Thora Birch
James Fox
Samuel L Jackson
Polly Walker
James Earl Jones
Richard Harris
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