Paul and Michelle


Time Out says

Sequel to the soppy Friends (1971), in which a pair of neglected Parisian kids (aged 15 and 14) mooned through a romantic idyll in the Camargue which ended in the birth of a child. Now, leaving school three years later, Paul sets off in search of Michelle and their young daughter, and wins her away from an American airline officer (Dullea). Summer together, followed by life at the Sorbonne, conjures up flashbacks from the earlier film, much gamboling, a contrived student riot, and a gratuitous abortion. Claude Renoir's photography and Alvina's looks help some, but Dullea's air of constant embarrassment is comment enough on this extremely awkward film.


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Lewis Gilbert
Angela Huth, Vernon Harris
Anicée Alvina
Sean Bury
Keir Dullea
Ronald Lewis
Catherine Allégret
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