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Frank is looking forward to another summer of boozing and screwing - vaguely aware that this could be his last downtime before he's sucked into a job. He's got a rent-free flat with a mate in Kentish Town, N London, but he's scoring poorly with the girls, and doesn't know how he feels about Cherry, who might at least improve his average. Grosso's adaptation of his laddish play shows promise, but he's no director. Too often the actors are marooned in front of a static, unreceptive camera, and he has no idea how to end a scene (or a movie). Still, if you can stomach the excesses of boys behaving badly, it provides larks, a top soundtrack and further proof that Kelly Reilly is someone to watch.

By: TCh


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Nick Grosso
Nick Grosso
Matthew Rhys
Kelly Reilly
Justin Salinger
Matthew Dunster
Sophie Okonedo
Emily Hillier
Stephanie Bagshaw
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