Pearl Harbor

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Bay and Bruckheimer's previous movie, the action-fest Armageddon, is crudely rehashed here, with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in December 1941 standing in for global holocaust - but at inflated cost and length, and with added romance. Is the money on the screen? Yes, because massive WWII-style air attacks are astronomically expensive to mount these days. And on a purely technical level, the team's thrilling mastery of the cinematic kinesis of exploding matter is reaffirmed (though Hans Zimmer's martial-romantic noise is acceptably muted). Visually, the alternating paradise-island gloss and nuclear-fallout chic drips money like one long advertisement. The plot endlessly strings out a standard love triangle - Tennessee crop-duster's son turned ace pilot Rafe (Affleck, overawed) and his childhood pal and fellow pilot Danny (Hartnett, cute as fuck) set their caps in turn at nurse Evelyn (Beckinsale) - you know won't be over by next Christmas. Bare grace notes include the stately procession of standing officers in dress whites through the carnage, accompanied by a Barber-esque adagio; and Gooding's 'Dorie' Miller, the cook who understates his conspicuous bravery. Otherwise this bunk is history.

By: WH


Release details

180 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Bay
Randall Wallace
Ben Affleck
Josh Hartnett
Kate Beckinsale
Cuba Gooding Jr
Tom Sizemore
Jon Voight
Colm Feore
Alec Baldwin
Ewen Bremner
Dan Aykroyd
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