Film, Comedy

Time Out says

There was never much of a centre to Waters' films, and now he's lost his edge too. Occasional burger bar chef and full-time photo enthusiast Pecker (Furlong) stalks his local Baltimore backwater, ceaselessly snapping his colourful, spaced-out and/or degenerate family, friends (including laundromat-tyrannising girlfriend Ricci) and neighbours. One greasy spoon exhibition later and Taylor's NY art dealer snaps up this documentarist of the 'culturally challenged' for her own nefarious metropolitan purposes - only for Pecker to take his camera to the Big Apple and turn the tables. That's the sum of the kitsch concoction, Waters' cutest, most homely fluff yet. Nowadays the Farrelly Bros do tastelessness, low-life empathy and crap camera angles with far more wit and verve.

By: NB


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

John Waters
John Waters
Mark Joy
Mink Stole
Christina Ricci
Bess Armstrong
Lili Taylor
Martha Plimpton
Edward Furlong
Mary Kay Place
Patricia Hearst
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