Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Hick musician Purvis (Whaney) leaves his Southern sweetheart Betty-Lou (Mitchell), comes to New York, and meets up with agent Suzie Starmonger (Tree), who changes his name to Pelvis and puts him on the road to success: he sings bad-taste songs like 'Nazi Lady' and ends up dressed completely in silver (face and all), flying as high as a kite. This crude, frantic parody has very little to do with Presley himself (though the star won fame as an impersonator), and concentrates instead on giving the whole myth of showbiz success a swift and childish kick below the belt. There are a few dotty moments, and Pelvis himself has a certain gormless charm, but in general - fergettit!

By: GB


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

RT Megginson
Straw Weisman
Luther 'Bud' Whaney
Mary Mitchell
Cindy Tree
Bobby Astyr
Billy Pagett
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