Pépé le Moko

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

A touchstone film for cinema historians trading in literary labels like 'poetic realism' and often mistakenly said to be a transposition of the Hollywood gangster movie, Pépé le Moko deserves to be reassessed for what it is - a vigorous thriller about a French gangster hiding out in the Algiers Casbah. Full of sinuous camerawork, dingy sets, deep shadows, and even darker motives, this is also the film that fixed Gabin's image for keeps as the outsider condemned to a life in the underworld. See it for the edgy, suspenseful climax where Gabin, tempted out of hiding by his femme fatale, runs to meet death. Film noir as we know (and love) it is just around the corner from here. (Adapted from a novel by Ashelbé.

By: MA


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Julien Duvivier
Détective Ashelbé Henri La Barthe, Julien Duvivier, J Constant, dialogue Henri Jeanson
Jean Gabin
Mireille Balin
Gabriel Gabrio
Lucas Gridoux
Line Noro
Saturnin Fabre
Fernand Charpin
Marcel Dalio
Charles Granval
Gaston Modot
René Bergeron
Paul Escoffier
Olga Lord
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