Peppermint Frappé


Time Out says

Vertigo via Buñuel. Saura's ambitions may have been a bit loftier than his talent back in 1967, but this slice of art house surrealism insinuated itself past Franco's censors to give a welcome glimpse of a Spanish film culture dominated by the shadow of its absent master. The engagingly provocative yarn of erotic obsession, in which plain-Jane Chaplin is 'remoulded' by her unhinged boss into the image of his brother's foxy wife (also Chaplin) isn't obstructed overmuch by Saura's reverential 'homages', and its roots in a script by Rafael Azcona (subversive plotsmith for Berlanga and Ferreri) ensure that sufficient black comedy incisiveness penetrates the flashy surface.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Carlos Saura
Rafael Azcona, Angelino Fons, Carlos Saura
Geraldine Chaplin
José Luis López Vásquez
Alfredo Mayo
Emiliano Redondo
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