Peter Pan

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Time Out says

JM Barrie's classic story has given us a so-so Disney cartoon (see above), Spielberg's positively criminal Hook, and now this decidedly mixed experience. Here the focus is on the budding womanhood of 12-year-old Wendy Darling, since Peter Pan appears outside her window and leads her to carefree Neverland, just as her aunt threatens to begin preparing her for eventual marriage. Leaping into the skies of Edwardian London and beyond, Wendy may seek to put adult emotions on hold, just like Peter, but her developing feelings for him, the Lost Boys on the island calling her 'mother', and her fascination for the piratical Captain Hook (Isaacs also plays her meek father back in the real world) serve to intensify pubescent ferment. This central character study is tenderly observed, and Rachel Hurd-Wood 's attuned performance an absolute marvel, though the material will surely sail over the heads of the juniors eager for swordfights, flying children and fairy magic. These ingredients are digitally present and correct, but Hogan fails to inject much excitement into the many boisterous action sequences.


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

PJ Hogan
PJ Hogan, Michael Goldenberg
George Mackay
Jason Isaacs
Lynn Redgrave
Richard Briers
Lachlan Gooch
Jeremy Sumpter
Theodore Chester
Harry Newell
Patrick Gooch
Ludivine Sagnier
Olivia Williams
Rachel Hurd-Wood
Geoffrey Palmer
Freddie Popplewell
Harry Eden
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