Peter's Friends

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Six old friends from the Cambridge Footlights are reunited after a decade for New Year's Eve, and take stock of what happened to their dreams, characters and relationships. The witty script isn't pitched much above sitcom standard, but a couple of the performances are terrifically good. Maggie (Thompson) is in publishing, palpably lonely, and so desperate for a lover that she bounds at prospects like a puppy, while Sarah (Emmanuel) has a turnover rate that is something like Catherine the Great's. Peter (Fry), now a Lord and hosting the party at his generously-dimensioned stately home, never fulfilled his literary promise, nor did Andrew (Branagh), who sold out to Hollywood and has returned accompanied by a laminated LA wife (Rudner). Roger (Laurie) and Mary (Staunton) live lives of quiet desperation after the death of a child. Acting honours go to Staunton for her extraordinary emotional depths, and to Thompson for her super-gawky eccentricity. Branagh's drunk scene doesn't work, and most will guess the pay-off, but it's an amiable enterprise.

By: BC


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Kenneth Branagh
Rita Rudner, Martin Bergman
Hugh Laurie
Imelda Staunton
Stephen Fry
Emma Thompson
Kenneth Branagh
Alphonsia Emmanuel
Rita Rudner
Tony Slattery
Richard Briers
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