Pett and Pott


Time Out says

If you can imagine Un Chien Andalou reworked by Gilbert and Sullivan, you'll have the flavour of this unlikely product of the Grierson-supervised GPO Film Unit. Subtitled 'A fairy story of the suburbs', it's a satirical-ironical-irrational reverie, which contrasts the virtuous Pett family (who have a phone) with the disgraceful Potts (who don't). The latter are gleefully portrayed as the embodiment of everything un-suburban, with their libidinous continental ways and laxity with the hired help. Made for a pittance, it's radical, fun and probably left its sponsors aghast. (In bit parts: Humphrey Jennings as a grocer, Basil Wright as a parson and Cavalcanti himself as a showman.) BBa.

By: BBa


Release details

33 mins

Cast and crew

Alberto Cavalcanti
Alberto Cavalcanti, Stuart Legg
Barbara Nixon
Eric Hudson
JM Reeves
Bruce Winston
Valeska Gert
Humphrey Jennings
Basil Wright
Stuart Legg
Alberto Cavalcanti
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