Peyton Place


Time Out says

Tasteful adaptation of Grace Metalious' best-selling novel detailing the lives and loves of 'ordinary folk' in a small New England town. It comes with its full quota of sex, conspiracy and violence, but the story is told in such circumspect fashion that next to nobody was offended. Turner, whose own private life was one long soap opera, plays a widow with a teenage daughter. Nobody knows why she treats the lass quite so sternly. Nor can they understand why she doesn't want to marry the dashing new high school principal. Nominated for just about every Oscar going, the film spawned a dreary sequel and an immensely popular TV series.

By: GM


Release details

162 mins

Cast and crew

Mark Robson
John Michael Hayes
Lana Turner
Hope Lange
Arthur Kennedy
Lloyd Nolan
Lee Philips
Terry Moore
Russ Tamblyn
Betty Field
Mildred Dunnock
Diane Varsi
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