Picture Perfect


Time Out says

Aniston's a thrusting advertising exec who gets passed over for promotion because she doesn't quite fit in with the corporate ethic - married is good, married and mortgaged even better. Best pal Illeana Douglas reckons that if she can at least pretend to be engaged to some rich Bostonian, then the bosses might change their minds. The only Bostonian she can lay hands on, however, is Jay Mohr, a bloke who videotapes weddings. She wants to pay him to pose as her fiancée, but he has already fallen in love with her. And so on, until the director suddenly has one more sub-plot than he knows what to do with. Still, Aniston (from TV's Friends) has the rare gift of getting you to root for her in the most trying of circumstances, a quality that will stand her in good stead when she progresses to better material.

By: TJ


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Glenn Gordon Caron
Arleen Sorkin, Paul Slansky, Glenn Gordon Caron
Jennifer Aniston
Jay Mohr
Kevin Bacon
Olympia Dukakis
Illeana Douglas
Kevin Dunn
Anne Twomey
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