Piglet's Big Movie

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

A flimsy flashback-ridden tale about the importance of friendship, loyalty and the notion that size doesn't matter when it comes to tackling seemingly insurmountable issues. Poor Piglet is suffering from an inferiority complex: his pals are so much bigger and stronger that he finds it hard to fit in. He's invariably ignored when the need arises to put a plan into action, so he disappears for a while in the hope that they'll notice his absence. They do. So begins a predictably adventurous quest to locate the little fella. Disney is clearly aiming at tiny tots, so parents shouldn't expect anything more than the most elementary dialogue and Japanese animation techniques. That said, the screening I attended seemed to go down well, despite the insipid join-the-dots songs written and sung by Carly Simon.

By: DA


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Francis Glebas
Brian Hohfeld
Peter Cullen
John Fiedler
Nikita Hopkins
Jim Cummings
Tom Wheatley
Kath Socie
Andre Stojka
Ken Sansom
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