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To accompany screenings of Buñuel's short feature Simon of the Desert, Pasolini wanted to make Orgy, a fairytale about an 'innocent' (Clémenti) who roams the volcanic wastes of Etna devouring people. But then he added a second story mirroring the themes of Orgy, called Pigsty. A savage parody of Godard, Resnais and... Pasolini, ironically chronicling the 'existential anguish' of the children of the bourgeoisie, it features Léaud as a mystic youth whose being finally merges with 'nature': he gets eaten by the pigs he loves. Porcile is not only an exquisitely revolting satire, it is also Pasolini's most fascinating piece of cinema.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Pier Paolo Pasolini
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Jean-Pierre Léaud
Ninetto Davoli
Marco Ferreri
Franco Citti
Anne Wiazemsky
Alberto Lionello
Pierre Clémenti
Margarita Lozano
Ugo Tognazzi
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