'Pimpernel' Smith


Time Out says

Leslie Howard was among the British actors based in Hollywood who returned home during World War I to do their bit for the war effort, and this tale of a reincarnated Scarlet Pimpernel smuggling people out from under the Nazi's noses typifies the star's attitude to traditionally English values. Deftly directed and imaginatively edited, the film may nevertheless be just too restrained and Anglo-Saxon for its own good (especially Howard's characterisation of the absent-minded archaeology professor setting out to disprove the existence of an Aryan civilisation). Stiff-upper-lip it ain't, though.

By: MA


Release details

121 mins

Cast and crew

Leslie Howard
Anatole De Grunwald
Leslie Howard
Francis L Sullivan
Mary Morris
Hugh McDermott
Raymond Huntley
Manning Whiley
David Tomlinson
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