Ping Pong

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Table-tennis aficionados solemnly claim their pleasure as the world’s second-favourite participation sport (after football – and pace the International Volleyball Federation). Maybe it’s hard to shoot a good rally, but there are fewer good table-tennis movies than footie ones: this adaptation of Taiyou Matsumoto’s manga series goes straight to the top by default, though it largely fluffs the challenge of dramatising the game-play. It’s the saga of two childhood pals finding their schoolboy assumptions about their relative ping-pong prowess shaken up over the course of two tournaments. Peko is a bumptious punk whose sense of supremacy is entirely self-willed; the true talent resides in his sullen pal Smile, but he has no nerve to wield it. A lot of the film’s observations are second-hand and when we do get some table action it bursts into splashy time-slice graphics; but, behind all the awkwardness, the film does set out a heartfelt view of friendship, character and destiny.

By: NB


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Fumihiko Sori
Yôsuke Kubozuka
Sam Lee
Shido Nakamura
Koji Ookura
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