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  1. I ORDERED SALMON Unlucky summer swimmers feel the bite.
    I ORDERED SALMON Unlucky summer swimmers feel the bite.

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Roger Corman could only dream of producing a movie this stupefyingly gory and loaded with exposed flesh, making the updated Piranha that most unlikely of remakes---an improvement. Director Alexandre Aja, calculating and devilish, knows what he's tasked with here, and that is supplying maximum trash: A spring-break lake is crammed with bikini-clad drunkettes, an underwater naked-ballet sequence and an outrageously inflamed Christopher Lloyd cameo (the 3-D elements are an afterthought). Nothing, though, can prepare you for an extended montage of panicky carnage that stops the movie in its tracks---the most gloriously inappropriate kill-off since The Wild Bunch. You'll laugh that it ever got made.---Joshua Rothkopf

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