Time Out says

Every festival has its duds – films whose inclusion in the final selection seems fairly unfathomable – and this broad US teen-romcom is one of this year’s. Charting an implausibly sweet encounter between a bright, bookish but obese loner whose 18th birthday it is, and a thirtysomething hunk who takes pity on her when he delivers the pizza for the ‘party’ she’s having with her temporarily blinded mother, it rolls out cliché after cliché to sentimental and mostly unamusing effect. The performances are amateurish, the direction perfunctory, and the gags tend towards the immaturely scatological, sexual and obvious. Things get a little less embarrassing towards the end, if you last that long.


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Mark Christopher
Ethan Embry
Julie Hagerty
Kylie Sparks
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