Police Story

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

LA cop Joseph Wambaugh turned writer to tell it like it was/is, and his first books, The New Centurions and The Blue Knight, quickly became movie and (award winning) TV mini-series respectively. Wooed some more by the small screen, he created Police Story and served on the often marvellous series as consultant. This is the pilot, released here as a movie. Directed with his usual authority by Graham, arguably the most subtle and mature of small screen specialists, it offers a chance to see Asner in pre Lou Grant days, teamed with such excellent but unsung actors as Morrow, Guardino and Meeker. Disturbed by the way Hollywood treated his novels, Wambaugh turned producer for The Onion Field, but the result was more meaningful than muscular.

By: CW


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

William Graham
E Jack Nauman
Vic Morrow
Edward Asner
Diane Baker
Sandy Baron
Chuck Connors
Harry Guardino
Ralph Meeker
John Bennett Perry
Ina Balin
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