Police Story

Film, Action and adventure
Police Story

Time Out says

In Jackie Chan-land vehicles are for trashing small buildings, while big buildings are for falling off or sliding down. Umbrellas are grappling hooks to fasten Jackie on to speeding buses. Bad guys have armies larger and better equipped than most sovereign nations. The plot here is essentially recycled from Narrow Margin, but serves principally as an excuse for the trademark demolitions, death-defying leaps, bone-crunching scraps and noise (plus a little unserious romance). The likeable and graceful Chan directs, sings and performs jaw-dropping stunts. Few of his American or Austrian rivals attempt a fraction of that.

By: DO


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Jackie Chan
Edward Tang
Jackie Chan
Brigitte Lin
Maggie Cheung
Chua Yuen
Bill Tung
Kenneth Tong
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