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Time Out says

Likely to be criticised for being less than murky Waters, even with its 'Odorama' card to scratch for olfactory pleasures/displeasures; but then it's clear from an opening helicopter shot that bad taste has found the budget to go middle of the road. Divine, as a Baltimore housewife with the cultural aspirations of Mary Whitehouse on speed, is now virtually indistinguishable from the Liz Taylor of The Mirror Crack'd. Spurned in family life by an unfaithful husband, a contemptuous disco-queen daughter, and a glue-sniffing son with a vicious bent towards foot fetishism - but undeterred by her dog's suicide - she relives the dreams of all '50s queens and finds solace in the arms of Tab Hunter. OK, so it's not The Cherry Orchard, but who could resist a film where a massive drive-in billboard proclaims 'Now showing - Three Great Marguerite Duras Hits'?

By: SM


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

John Waters
John Waters
Tab Hunter
Edith Massey
Mink Stole
David Samson
Joni Ruth White
Mary Garlington
Ken King
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