Pool of London


Time Out says

After the success of the police drama The Blue Lamp (1949), Basil Dearden and Ealing studios continued in what passed for a realist vein with this tale of merchant seaman Colleano's involvement in a diamond smuggling racket and his subsequent flight when he becomes chief suspect in a murder investigation. Few surprises in the story, but the location work in the bustling Docklands captures a time and place now gone forever. And Earl Cameron's contribution is an early example of a black performer getting a significant leading role in a contemporary British drama.

By: TJ


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Basil Dearden
Jack Whittingham, John Eldridge
Bonar Colleano
Susan Shaw
Renee Asherson
Earl Cameron
Moira Lister
Max Adrian
Joan Dowling
James Robertson Justice
Alfie Bass
Leslie Phillips
George Benson
Victor Maddern
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