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Crawford may play a nurse, but she'd need a warehouse of Phensics to clear up her troubles in this one. Madly in love with nogoodnik Heflin, she chooses to marry her wealthy employer (Massey) after his own ailing wife has tottered into insanity and suicide. Joan totters the same way soon after, and no one in the '40s could do it with such steely eyes or tautened shoulders. And she's helped every inch of the way by the Warners melodrama machine, working at fever pitch under the direction of German émigré Bernhardt, revelling in the expressionist tradition of morbid fantasy and psychological anguish. Compelling viewing, then, and a film even madder than most of its characters.

By: GB


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Curtis Bernhardt
Ranald MacDougall, Silvia Richards
Joan Crawford
Van Heflin
Raymond Massey
Geraldine Brooks
Stanley Ridges
John Ridgely
Moroni Olsen
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