Prayer of the Rollerboys

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

A tame, teen-movie rip-off of - among others - Red Dawn, A Clockwork Orange and Surf Nazis Must Die, this is a sci-fi pic for the computer-games generation. RoboCop-style media images present a paranoid vision of a future where the economic superpowers of Germany and Japan have bankrupted the United States, decimating its adult population and forcing the abandoned children to live in camps. Teen heart-throb Haim plays Griffin, a pizza delivery boy dedicated to saving both his country and his impressionable younger brother from the fascist New Order promised by Gary Lee (Collet) and his racist Rollerboy army (with the aid of an addictive drug). The only opposition is from the Freaks, a motley collection of Blacks, Hispanics and bikers, unsuitable allies for our clean-cut hero. Instead, he teams up with an adult cop (Quinn) and a young, attractive undercover agent (Arquette). The violence is toned down, the sex innocuous, the interest level zero.

By: NF


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Rick King
Peter Iliff
Corey Haim
Patricia Arquette
Christopher Collet
JC Quinn
Julius Harris
Devin Clark
Mark Pellegrino
Morgan Weisser
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