Preaching to the Perverted


Time Out says

Pity poor Peter (Anholt). A virginal computer boffin, he thinks he's bound for glory when Henry Harding MP (Bell) sends him undercover, on a mission from God to infiltrate the House of Thwax fetish club. The idea is to record evidence for a public prosecution, but for Peter this entails gross private humiliation at the hands of American dominatrix Tanya Cheex (Turner). She's only too happy to whip this puppy lover into shape, but when he comes clean, will she turn the other Cheex? Writer/director Urban is known for his BBC TV work, including the BAFTA-winning Falklands drama An Ungentlemanly Act, but his first feature is more in line with late-night satellite broadcasting at its starkest. The shock tactics, however, are nowhere near as offensive as the tissue-thin characterisation, stiff performances, anti-climactic script, and a half-cocked stylisation - play-school Almodóvar - which basically boils down to pink and purple production design. A movie for masochists.

By: TCh


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Stuart Urban
Stuart Urban
Guinevere Turner
Christien Anholt
Tom Bell
Julie Graham
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