Prelude to a Kiss


Time Out says

Straight-as-a-die Peter (Baldwin) and ditzy bartender Rita (Ryan) are introduced at a party, fall swiftly in love and, despite differences, marry after a few months. At the wedding things start to go really wrong, for the couple and for us: after a congratulatory kiss from an old codger (Walker), Rita undergoes a massive personality change which first manifests itself on the honeymoon. For Peter, it's almost as if the body-snatchers have invaded, but when he bumps into the mysterious old buffer in the bar, it becomes clear that the scenario is less a study in sci-fi paranoia, more a matter of maudlin hokum. Very sticky.

By: GA


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Norman René
Craig Lucas
Alec Baldwin
Meg Ryan
Kathy Bates
Ned Beatty
Patty Duke
Sydney Walker
Stanley Tucci
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