2 out of 5 stars
PHANTOM MENACE Bullock sees ghosts.
PHANTOM MENACE Bullock sees ghosts.

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2 out of 5 stars

Poor Sandra Bullock. Lately she’s been stuck chasing ghosts. First it was Keanu Reeves and the spirit of chemistry’s past in The Lake House. Then she had the misfortune of playing Harper Lee in the second Truman Capote movie, distinguished by its lack of Oscar nominations. Now she finds herself in a cut-rate Groundhog Day, playing Linda Hanson, a busybody mom who finds herself waking up to, alternately, sandwich-making as usual or a zonked-out existence in which hubby (McMahon) has been killed by a jackknifing semi. Good thing her closet contains sweatpants as well as plenty of dignified black.

Premonition barely remembers to create suspense, cutting away from any gruesomeness and coyly omitting the part in which we, the audience, help Linda figure out how in the heck this is happening to her. Only one scene, brazenly religious, lingers in memory: a teary communion with a kindly priest who insists that all would be fine if she simply filled her “empty vessel” with a little faith. It’s the ultimate lame-horror-movie pep talk. But chances are, if the flock has made it this far, faith is hardly at issue. Rather, what’s lacking is free will. (Opens Fri; Click here for venues.) — Joshua Rothkopf



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