Primary Colors


Time Out says

Travolta looks the spitting image of Bill Clinton - from the rear. This film à clef about Clinton's 1990 campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination offers plenty of food for thought on the corruption of the political process, but despite the absorbing material - Elaine May sticking close to the novel by Anonymous (actually political correspondent Joe Klein) - Nichols comes off as the perennial wavering voter. As satire, it's toothless and indulgent; as drama of conscience, it's not a patch on real life (see DA Pennebaker's documentary The War Room). The performances are pitched all over the place, but the real problem is Travolta's avowedly sympathetic, yet distractingly uncharismatic, intellectually light-weight impersonation of the President - Bill gives much better sincerity than this.

By: TCh


Release details

143 mins

Cast and crew

Mike Nichols
Elaine May
Kathy Bates
Emma Thompson
Adrian Lester
John Travolta
Billy Bob Thornton
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