Prison Girls


Time Out says

Various girls undergo sexual rehabilitation during a two-day parole from prison (a plot is hastily added at the very end: the authorities have let the girls out in the hope that one of them will lead the police to a notorious hoodlum). Thanks to the censor, the episodes range in quality from the pretty dire to the abysmal. An Angels' gang-bang survives more or less intact, while a sequence involving a woman being brought to climax for the first time is cut almost into non-existence. Two points of interest: no one makes it as far as a bed (sofas and floors draw at two apiece); and although characters drag hard on the occasional joint, no one thinks of actually lighting it.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Thomas de Simone
Lee Walters
Tracy Handfuss
Liz Wolfe
Angie Monet
Maria Arrold
Robin Whitting
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