Prisoner of Rio

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

The fact that Ronnie Biggs co-wrote this fiasco (filmed in English) may explain the portrait of the Great Train Robber as a sharp-witted charmer, his sole real concern in life his son. The story recounts the less-than-legal efforts of cop Berkoff (macho, variable accent) to bring Biggs (Freeman, larger-than-life Londoner) back to Blighty and prison. The intrigue is messily and murkily conceived, involving undercover agents, swarthy thugs, shady fixers, and much predictable ado about Carnival. Majewski renders entire scenes devoid of dramatic point or meaning by the sort of editing that makes you wonder what's happening, why, and where; the pacing is listless, the camera invariably wrongly placed, the whole stitched with leering shots of skimpily clad revellers and travelogue padding. Risible throughout.

By: GA


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Lech Majewski
Lech J Majewski, Ronald Biggs, Julia Frankel
Steven Berkoff
Paul Freeman
Peter Firth
Florinda Bolkan
José Wilker
Zezé Mota
Desmond Llewelyn
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