Private Club

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Sometimes funny, often inept story of a Parisian taxi-driver who goes over the top when he discovers that his fiancée works in an exclusive brothel (whose wares he nevertheless samples without scruple). Some characterisation seeps in at the edges, and there's even a twist to the plot, such as it is. But it of course turns out that the fiancée was being blackmailed, so a rather abrupt true-love ending wins out over the 'liberated' hedonism preached elsewhere in the film. It's notable mainly for the curious blessing given by implication to the audience in one scene: as the bushes fill up with snoopers trying to see what's going on with a trio on the back seat of a taxi, someone announces that such people are quite harmless, being there only to pay 'their respects to these lovely goddesses - it's a time-honoured ritual'. Which is one way of putting it.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Max Pécas
Max Pécas, Michel Vocoret
Philippe Gasté
Eva Stroll
Patrick Lachaume
Chantal Arondel
Michel Vocoret
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