Private Popsicle


Time Out says

Or, 'Carry On Up the Golan Heights'. The fourth episode in the seemingly inexhaustible spew of puerile sexual antics, scatological language, and inappropriately used '50s pop soundtrack, has the Lemon Popsicle trio called up for National Service. Amid tried, tested and worried-to-death clichés of the army training camp (including ignorant ranting sergeant, visiting dignitaries, and mistaken rank identities), Eckel, Meckel and Schmeckel descend beyond the limits of bad taste to literally end up covered in excreta. The plot is as fresh as an Italian's armpit, the dubbing was seemingly done by a blind deaf mute, and the jokes are as funny as bubonic plague.

By: FL


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Boaz Davidson
Boaz Davidson
Iftach Katzur
Zachi Noy
Jonathan Segal
Sonia Martin
Menache Warshawsky
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