Private Road


Time Out says

Platts-Mills' second feature steps up a class from working to middle, but remains as quietly and sympathetically observant as Bronco Bullfrog, though this time using professional actors and a bolder visual stylisation. Very much of its time in its account of a girl's attempt to escape the cosy suburbanism of her family in Esher - by way of an affair with a classless writer who introduces her to the dropout world - it remains as engagingly unclassifiable as Bronco Bullfrog. Well worth a look for its odd mixture of romanticism and scepticism about society's future.

By: TM


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Barney Platts-Mills
Barney Platts-Mills
Susan Penhaligon
Bruce Robinson
Michael Feast
George Fenton
Robert Brown
Kathleen Byron
Patricia Cutts
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