Time Out says

There's no denying Watkins' ambition and intelligence in this satire of the rock world being used by the Establishment as a force for keeping the masses quiet in times of hardship and fascism; but much of the acting is poor, while the tone is frequently far too hysterical for its own good. That said, Johnny Speight's story, of an enormously successful pop idol (Jones) being manipulated by the government for their own devious purposes, did allow Watkins to make some pertinent points anticipating both the Festival of Light, and the way that rock culture has been absorbed and rendered harmless by the society it is supposed to be rebelling against.

By: GA


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Watkins
Norman Bogner
Paul Jones
Jean Shrimpton
Mark London
Max Bacon
Jeremy Child
William Job
James Cossins
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