Prizzi's Honor

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

When hit man Nicholson, a thick lieutenant for the Prizzi mob, falls for unknown beauty Turner, it's bad luck that she too turns out to be a highly paid, if freelance, assassin. She's also brainy enough to take the Prizzi clan for a financial ride; so it's only a matter of time before it's a case of till death do them part. The movie's success lies in Huston's very sure manipulation of mood and tone, somehow connecting black comedy, tongue-in-cheek acting, heavy irony, and even high camp into a coherent story. For all the coast-to-coast jetting, the action is largely composed of faces talking in rooms; the period could be '50s, could be '80s; and Nicholson's thick-upper-lip impersonation of Burt Young has him moving perilously close to Brando, both in mannerism and sheer size. It is, however, a very stylish walk with love and death. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

129 mins

Cast and crew

John Huston
Richard Condon, Janet Roach
Jack Nicholson
Kathleen Turner
Robert Loggia
John Randolph
William Hickey
Lee Richardson
Michael Lombard
Anjelica Huston
Lawrence Tierney
CCH Pounder
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